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The ICPE is an intergovernmental organization with Member Countries from Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America, headquartered in Slovenia. Over 45 years ago, on 24 April 1974, ICPE was founded as the International Center for Public Enterprises in Developing Countries by the Government of the Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia, following the initiative of the United Nations (UN) and with strong support of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) and personal commitment of Academician Mr. Anton Vratuša , PhD, the then Vice-President of the Federal Executive Council of Yugoslavia.

It was a time of enthusiasm, emerging new states in the wake of decolonization and an orientation towards the “New International Economic Order”, which would strive to reach fair and economically balanced relations between the “developed” and the “developing” worlds. Strong and efficient public enterprises proved to be one of the key pillars of good governance and building of the economies in the relatively fragile and weak countries of the global “South”. ICPE grew on these ideas. Already in 1976, only two years after it was registered as a Yugoslav organization, following the expressed interest of many NAM members, ICPE was transformed officially to an intergovernmental organization of its member states. 30 states and 9 observers were present at the founding conference in March 1976. By the 1980, ICPE had initiated seven successful programs, research, seminars and trainings in the field of public enterprises, some of which were carried out comparatively in several member states and were financially supported by the UN agencies.

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Training programs


ICPE provides training programs for government offices and different public sector institutions, as well as other interested institutions from its member states and beyond. With its vast experience in the field of training and strong connections with different academic, research and business institutions, ICPE is able to provide programs on the most diverse topics.



  • 1973 – The Federal Assembly of SFR Yugoslavia and SR Slovenia adopt the law on the establishment of the International Center for Public Enterprises in Developing Countries (ICPE); the objective is assistance to developing countries.
  • 1974 – ICPE organizes the Conference on Planning in Developing Countries which proposes to the Yugoslav Government for ICPE to become a joint institution of developing countries.
  • 1976 International conference of delegates of developing countries adopts the Statute and other documents of ICPE as a joint intergovernmental research, educational and consulting institution.
  • 1977 – The Statute comes to power as the first 15 countries ratify it.
  • 1977 - The management development programmes for Namibia begin at ICPE;
  • 1977 - Joint activities with UN specialised agencies (UNDP, UNIDO, ILO, UNESCO etc.) begin and continue.
  • 1980 - ICPE becomes fully internationalised, the member countries start paying their membership fees; the other sources are UNDP, which appoints ICPE as its executing agency, donations of friendly countries including Netherlands, Sweden and Canada apart from the ICPE’ s own income.
  • 1981 - ICPE starts a series of OPTIMA public enterprise performance improvement activities in 14 developing countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America;
  • 1986 - ICPE starts cooperation with the EDI of the World Bank, a series of policy seminars are organised.
  • 1989 - The first batch of the ICPE MBA programme is trained. The studies that are organised in cooperation with the Faculty of Economics, Ljubljana University and a number of international management studies for a period of time include also field studies in India for the Indian Oil Sector and others and continue.
  • 1990 - ICPE is the host institution of the UNDP Management development programme of 2 months duration for 15 top policy makers from Mongolia.
  • 1993 - ICPE becomes recipient of EU funds for educational and training activities for countries of Central and South Eastern Europe.
  • 1997 – The name of the institution is changed into International Center for Promotion of Enterprises, which reflects the changes in its orientation (privatisation, entrepreneurship, economic reforms etc.). ICPE acronym remains the same.
  • 2001 - ICPE organizes the international workshop on Coastal Management Policies, the transatlantic and Mediterranean perspective in cooperation with Delaware University and NATO.
  • 2004 – Under the Slovene presidency of the CEI ICPE organizes the Workshop on Cooperation of CEI Countries in the 6th Framework Programme.
  • 2006 - ICPE organizes the Workshop on Information Literacy for CEI countries in cooperation with UNESCO.
  • 2006-2008 ICPE implements the Leonardo da Vinci project on Work process oriented trainer – focused on trainers in construction management firms
  • 2007 International Conference on SME Lending for Bankers (ICSMELB), is organized in Ljubljana
  • in collaboration with the Rectorate of the University of Ljubljana; Bank world Inc., a Washington DC based consultancy firm; the British Embassy, Ljubljana; the NKBM and Banka Koper.
  • 2007-2009 ICPE organizes 2 week programmes for the National Institute of Financial Management, India (NIFM) India in 2007, 2008 and 2009 ICPE receives groups of 25-45 trainees from and successfully organized a short-term programme on European finance and audit.
  • 2007 ICPE successfully organizes a week-long International Symposium on Multilateral Trading System and WTO-related matters (INSEMTS) at Ljubljana with the proactive support of WTO Secretariat, International Trade Centre and AITIC, Geneva
  • 2008 ICPE organizes 3-weeks Course Management with European Perspective (MEP) for Institute of Secretariat Training & Management (ISTM), India
  • 2008 International Conference on Franchising for SE Europe – 19-20 June 2008 with broader international participation of 62 participants, practitioners of franchising and franchising experts from 16 countries
  • 2008 EU-Eastern Business Forum (EUBFOR) is organized in collaboration with International Trade Centre, Geneva & Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of the Republic of Slovenia – 26-27 June 2008
  • 2008 ICPE starts taking part in the 3-year Leonardo da Vinci project SME Trainet – on SME support systems with a focus on franchising
  • 2009 In March ICPE organized a workshop on How to establish a franchise in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia, Slovenian Franchise Association and the American Embassy
  • 2009 ICPE begins negotiations on a new project-based MBA for SE Europe with Lahti University for Applied Sciences

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