Annual Reports

Annual Reports


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Message from the Director-General for 2011


The crisis time we are living strengthened the ICPE position last year as an intergovernmentalorganization focused on the execution of the strategic plans approved by its Assembly and Council on efficiency and on the role Public sector enterprises (PSE)/ state-owned enterprises(SOE) play in development. States need an independent, highly professional partner organization in this field since the role of PSEs was reviewed over the recent years and it became much more substantial than in the past. Of a crucial importance are the PUBLIC PRIVATE DIALOGUE and the greater cooperation between the private and public sectors for countries’ better development. We fulfilled our mission under unusually difficult conditions.


The High Level Meeting of the State Ownership Authorities brought together G 20, BRICS and less developed countries to discuss the organization of the states in so far as the better management of the state owned assets is concerned. We started republishing the Public Enterprise Journal, a unique publication on PSE, and issued the first number of the Public Sector Enterprises World News Newsletter. We also established the embryo of an important database on PSEs and became an internationally recognized reference center in the field.


The relationship with our Member States significantly increased as well as the relationship with our new partners. We are closer to UN agencies and other partners such as multilateral financial agencies. We welcomed Angola as a new Member state which offers us a new quality in our relationship with Africa. The activities we undertook with Brazil reinforce our necessity to be active in Latin America. After 20 years of Slovenian independence we concluded all the negotiations on the management of the ICPE premises that are still far away from the ICPE standards. More importantly, ICPE signed the Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC) between the Government of the Republic of Slovenia and ICPE which has already been ratified and thus certain problems dragging on for twenty years between ICPE and the host country were basically solved. However, the rebuilding of the ICPE headquarters is still under way and there still exist some pending judicial problems. Given the memorandums ICPE signed with Slovenia and India which have been pillars of our past activities we are now strengthening our actions with other countries. ICPE became a more multilateral organization during 2011 than in any other year in its existence and the active role of the member states has to strengthen the organization and its activities.


In the field of education due to the insufficient office and headquarters building conditions combined with the strong competition among other reasons we did not manage to reorganize the traditional MBA we have offered for 21 years. Our initiative with the new Green  industry MBA was academically very successful, 90 % of the students defending their M.Sc. theses. The entire program is accredited as offering the M. Sc. degree in Eco technology and we are currently working on the accreditation of the management part of the program.


Besides the excellent cooperation of the Slovenian authorities, namely with Ms. Tea Glažar, and of the Chairman of the ICPE Council,Mr. B. Chatterjee, we were forced to spend a high amount of time solving certain issues which disturbed the ICPE regular activities.

Mr Štefan Bogdan Šalej


Annual Report 2011



Message from the Director-General for 2010









This year’s stronger relationship with all the Member States and the active role of the Council and his President Mr Chatterjee, together with full support of the host country’s government and ICPE employees led to excellent results. I have to thank all the Member States’ representatives and the Government of Slovenia for full support to our activities.

We have a privilege to be able to share valuable experiences of our Honorable President Dr Anton Vratuša and our different partners around the world. Our team is now consolidated which has contributed greatly to a succesful year. As a part of UN system of development organisations we are proud to assist countries with their development.

The High Level Symposium on Public Enterprises, ICAM project and Council meeting which consolidated our strategic framework were most visible parts of our activities. Another notable event was the 35th Anniversary of ICPE, under the patronage of the President of the Republic of Slovenia Dr Danilo Türk. Additionally, a lot of effort was put into building a new team, since most of the long term, devoted employees retired.

The clear direction is to build a reliable, results oriented, equal opportunities intergovernmental organisation, to follow ICPE’s motto “lean, clean and slim”, and also to motivate everybody and gain new partners. One of ICPE’s focuses is the efficiency of public sector enterprises as development leaders and also as the best partners of private business.

Another one is to foster corporate governance of companies, as well as to increase the companies’ awareness of public administration’s competitiveness.

ICPE’s restructuring process is over and our highly appreciated and praised activities of the past oblige the present team to build up as an important development partner by networking companies and development strategies. This is not only in accordance with MDGs but we essentially try to find a way to help ordinary people to truly live happier and have a better future through the provision and encouragement of economic activities.

Mr Štefan Bogdan Šalej

Annual Report 2010

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Annual Report 2010

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