One of the award-winning researh papers at the International Conference on Globalizing Management Education

International Conference on Globalizing Management Education: Issues and Challenges for Industry & Academia was held in New Delhi, India, from 5 - 6 February 2011. The International Conference was also attended by ICPE’s Director General Dr. Šalej, being one of the keynote speakers.

There was also more than 50 research papers, which were presented and published as a manual. The research papers/articles were focused on five sub-themes: Understanding Global Management Education, Management Education: Issues and Challenges, Legal and Regulatory Issues in Management Education Sector, Role of Private and Government Institutions in Management Education and Role of Industry in Management Education. Three best papers were awarded with »Best Paper Award« and we are publishing one of them.

Best Paper Award at International Conference on Globalizing Management Education:

Title: Evaluation of Growth, Trends and Challenges of Global Management Educaton

Author: Sowmya.B.Krishnamurthy

Current Role: Working as Lead Technology Analyst at Infosys Technologies Ltd.

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Place: Electronic City, Bangalore, India


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