News 2010

ICPE meets Ambassador of Peru in Vienna

Dr Štefan Bogdan Šalej, director general of ICPE, Dr Anton Vratuša, the Honorary President of the ICPE Council met with the Ambassador of Peru in Vienna, Antonio Garcia Revilla.


Director Dr Šalej expressed interest for closer cooperation and invited Peru to rejoin with the ICPE, which has been instrumental in assisting its member states to employ their resources for socio-economic development. He informed Ambassador Revilla of the seminar on the role of public sector in the credit crisis that will take place in June or July. Dr Šalej further stressed that the ICPE, which was quoted in both EU – India and EU – Brazil summit joint statements, is a good entry point for strengthening a two-way cooperation between its member states and the European Union. ICPE has so far trained many senior officials for cooperation with the EU.


Dr Salej emphasised that one of the main objectives of ICPE to promote corporate social responsibility in management of enterprises with a particular emphasis on ecology. In the field of environmental protection ICPE has a long experience in coastal management and is currently actively examining the possibilities of a transfer of generic green technologies. Furthermore, the ICPE carries out activities related to cross-cultural dialogue in the management of international enterprises. Dr Vratuša also emphasised the engagement of ICPE in the area of public and private sector partnership.


Ambassador Revilla thanked for the invitation and expressed interest in the environment, corporate social responsibility, social development and possibly other areas. He made a request to inform the Embassy of Peru in Vienna of the ICPE activities, programmes and projects.GD_Salej_VP_Peruja

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