News 2011

On 20 January 2011 HE Immaculee Uwanyiligira, Ambassador of Rwanda, paid an official visit to ICPE

Amb. Ms. Immaculee Uwanyiligira paid a visit to ICPE, where she and DG Dr. Štefan Bogdan Šalej among other important issues discussed potential possibilities of cooperation between Rwanda and ICPE. Rwandan Government priorities are securing the export, rebuilding of infrastructure and establishing of enterprises, as the main engine of development. They also tend to work towards implementation of the Millennium Development Goals until 2020. Amb. Uwanyiligira supports ICPE’s philosophy and she and DG Dr. Šalej agreed, that they will continue this prosperous discussion, as there are various opportunities for mutual collaboration, especially in the field of environment and education.


Dr Štefan Bogdan Šalej, Director General of ICPE and HE Immaculee Uwanyiligira, Ambassador of Rwanda



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