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Official visit of Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia Mr. Samuel Žbogar at the premises of ICPE

On 7 January 2011 Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Samuel Žbogar paid an official visit to ICPE. DG Dr. Štefan Bogdan Šalej represented priority programmes of ICPE – the mid term strategic plan from 2011-2015 to respected guest and his colleagues: research projects – especially for the enterprises of the public sector, programmes for the transfer of technologies and sustainable development. Dr. Šalej emphasized, that the expansion of ICPE Member States is in progress (so far there are 18 Member States), potential ones are mainly from the Latin America, Africa and the Western Balkans.

Minister Žbogar expressed his support to the new programme contents of ICPE and pointed out, that the Republic of Slovenia is interested in involvement of state authorities and other institutions, aiming at implementation of the new programme contents for the period to come. Minister Žbogar also assured that Slovene diplomacy will support the ICPE officials to increase activities of already existing Member States and help gaining new ones and also to enhance integration of ICPE with EU and other international organizations (OECD, UNIDO …).


SLIKA1_Salej_Zborag SLIKA2_Sumrada_Dragan_Salej

Dr Š. B. Šalej, DG of ICPE and

Minister Samuel Žbogar

Janez Šumrada, Zvone Dragan

and Dr Š. B. Šalej


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