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ICPE participated at the “Intergenerational Learning and Innovation for Sustainable Development” Conference in Vienna, 5-6 June 2013

The United Nations Environment Programme, Vienna Office - Interim Secretariat of the Carpathian Convention (UNEP Vienna - ISCC), on behalf of the Big Foot Project partnership, and the Academic Council on the United Nations System (ACUNS), organized the conference Intergenerational Learning and Innovation for Sustainable Development, as the final conference of the project Big Foot: Crossing Generations, Crossing Mountains, which took the place in Vienna, Austria at the Vienna International Centre (VIC) from 5 to 6 June 2013.

The aim of the Big Foot Project, developed in the framework of the European Union Lifelong Learning Programme, is to enable intergenerational learning and dialogue in the European mountain areas, by valuating the skills and knowledge of the older population, combining traditional knowledge with modern communication tools and new ideas, in order to facilitate innovative, creative and productive joint solutions for local sustainable development. The conference examined in a broader sense the potential of intergenerational learning, i.e. dialogue and mutual learning between the younger and older generations, as a way towards sustainable development.

On behalf of ICPE this conference attended Mr. Nenad Stankovic, ICPE Representative in Vienna. In the session “Central European Regional Cooperation Potentials on Innovation, Youth and United Nations” he presented ICPE as the public private partnership (PPP) platform for sustainable development with special focus on promoting exchange knowledge and experiences in renewable energy and improving energy efficiency as well as environment protection and sustainable development.


Mr. Jan Dusik, Acting Director and UNEP Regional Representative for Europe presents "Big Foot" project



Mr. Nenad Stankovic, ICPE Representative in Vienna presents "ICPE - PPP Platform for Sustainable Development"

During the conference, Mr. Stankovic met Mr. Jan Dusik, Acting Director and UNEP Regional Representative for Europe, and Mr. Harald Egerer, Head, UNEP Vienna - Interim Secretariat of the Carpathian Convention (ISCC). In discussion with those UNEP officials, he presented new ICPE programmes/activities and informed about ICPE efforts to establish partnership with other international organizations as well as public/private enterprises. The final output of such co-operation should be implementation of mutual projects designed in accordance with common objectives and specific needs of the member states.  Mr. Dusik and Mr. Egerer appreciated meeting with Mr. Stankovic and expressed high interest for co-operation with ICPE. In that context they emphasized several ongoing UNEP activities in Western Balkans and Caucasus area. It was agreed to intensify exchanging of information with aim to define proposal for concrete activities. Mr. Stankovic invited UNEP officials to visit ICPE headquarters in Ljubljana to continue the dialog about all aspects of mutual co-operation.

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