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ICPE visited Embassy of Guyana in Brussels

On Wednesday, 26 March 2014, ICPE Acting Director General, Mr Janez Podobnik, held a meeting with HE Mr Patrick I. Gomes, Ambassador of the Embassy of the Republic of Guyana, Member State of ICPE, situated in Brussels, Belgium.

ADG Mr Podobnik has shortly presented the ICPE Activity Report for 2013 and the Activity Plan for 2014 with the emphasis on the cooperation with the Republic of Guyana.

Ambassador has expressed interest in cooperation with ICPE as well as the Republic of Slovenia in several topics, namely in the field of Forestry Management, with the participation of the ICPE as organizer and mediator between the countries. ADG Mr Podobnik has emphasized the ICPE’s cooperation with international organisations UNIDO and OFID. Ambassador has indicated interest in International training programme that ICPE will prepare in cooperation with UNIDO in the beginning of September 2014, as well as suggested some programme topics, such as Private sector, Energy Efficiency, SMEs, etc., that ICPE could prepare in cooperation with OFID for Guyana and the Caribbean countries. Furthermore, Ambassador greeted the revitalised International MBA programme.

The meeting was fruitful and concluded with concrete plans for further cooperation between ICPE and Guyana.

Hindi Language and Business Etiquette (Elementary Course) at ICPE

India is the largest ICPE member state (by population) as well as one of the founding countries of the Center. The collaboration between the ICPE host country, Slovenia and India is increasing rapidly and in this regard ICPE will offer to Slovenian business community and interested public, in cooperation with the Embassy of India a Hindi Language and Business Etiquette Course.

The elementary course will be held by professor Arun Prakash Mishra, Ph.D, India who has more than 33 years of teaching experience of Hindi language at many prestigious universities in India as well as abroad, including the University of Ljubljana. Prof Dr Mishra has published more than 15 books and over 50 scientific, pedagogical and research papers up to date.



(click on photo above for the Course Programme)


The lectures will take place at ICPE, Dunajska 104, 1000 Ljubljana. A three-month course,  twice a week for two hours each (2 x 45 mins) will begin in April 2014. The schedule of the course will be flexible and adapted to the availability of the participants.

After the conclusion of the course participants will be awarded with a certificate issued by the Embassy of India.

If you wish to receive further information about the Hindi Language and Business Etiquette course or if you would be interested in attending a different level of the Hindi language course, please leave your contact information to our Project Manager, Ms Dora Klar: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



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