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Until this day, ICPE remains the sole intergovernmental organization headquartered in Slovenia. More than 40 years ago, on 24 April 1974, ICPE was founded as the International Center for Public Enterprises in Developing Countries by the Government of the Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia, following the initiative of the United Nations (UN) and with strong support of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) and personal commitment of Academician Mr. Anton Vratuša, PhD, the then Vice-President of the Federal Executive Council of Yugoslavia.

It was a time of enthusiasm, emerging new states in the wake of decolonization and an orientation towards the “New International Economic Order”, which would strive to reach fair and economically balanced relations between the “developed” and the “developing” worlds. Strong and efficient public enterprises proved to be one of the key pillars of good governance and building of the economies in the relatively fragile and weak countries of the global “South”. ICPE grew on these ideas. Already in 1976, only two years after it was registered as a Yugoslav organization, following the expressed interest of many NAM members, ICPE was transformed officially to an intergovernmental organization of its member states. 30 states and 9 observers were present at the founding conference in March 1976. By the 1980, ICPE had initiated seven successful programs, research, seminars and trainings in the field of public enterprises, some of which were carried out comparatively in several member states and were financially supported by the UN agencies.

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Training programs


ICPE provides training programs for government offices and different public sector institutions, as well as other interested institutions from its member states and beyond. With its vast experience in the field of training and strong connections with different academic, research and business institutions, ICPE is able to provide programs on the most diverse topics.


ICPE to strengthen activities in the area of civil status registration in member countries

On Monday, 20 July 2015, ICPE met with Ms Alenka Prvinšek Persoglio, a high-level legal expert on citizenship, civil registration and migration policy and Vice President of the Interact4C, to discuss further cooperation in the field of civil status registration. ICPE began to delve into the all-permeating and increasingly important subject of IT-supported systems of civil status registration by conducting two development assistance training programmes for Afghanistan in 2013 and 2015, as well as organising an expert round table on the trends and development in this field.


ICPE’s cooperation with Interact4C and other partners will expand to delivering highly specialised training for ICPE Member States with a primary focus on African countries, where a well-though-out system of civil status registration is one of the priority development areas, relating to a number of important issues, for instance improvement of health services, particularly for new-borns and small children, or providing higher quality of and equal access to education.


ICPE Project Manager Ms Sara Arco and DG Dr Anand Asthana with Ms Alenka Prvinsek Persoglio


ICPE Project Manager Ms Sara Arko and DG ICPE, Dr Anand Asthana with Ms Alenka Prvinsek Persoglio