News 2012

Acting Director General of ICPE Mr. Janez Podobnik visited Vienna

The main subjects of the meetings were creating mutual programs and developing cooperation between ICPE and respected countries. During very fruitful and pragmatic discussions Mr. Podobnik underlined ICPE strong intention to implement activities in accordance with needs and requirements of the countries. Ambassadors appreciated received information and supported ICPE in efforts to establish closer cooperation with their responsible administrations.


ICPE delegation with H.E. Mr. Aliyar Lebbe Abdul Azeez (second from right)

In the very constructive discussion, Ambassador Blanka Jamnisek stressed UNIDO as one of the most important international organization for ICPE and presented several very interesting ideas for possible cooperation of ICPE and countries in the East Europe and Central Asian Region. It was agreed to continue dialogue and to intensify the information exchange between ICPE and mentioned embassies.



ICPE delegation with HE Mr. I Gusti Agung Wesaka Puja (second from left)


ICPE delegation with HE Mr. Juan Carlos Marsan Aguilera (in the middle)


ICPE delegation with HE Mr. Alejandro Diaz Y Perez Duarte (second from left)


ICPE delegation with HE Mr. Hyun Cho (second from right)


ICPE delegation with Ms. Karim Milagros Durand Lazo (second from right)

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