News 2009

ICPE Meets Director NAM S&T Centre

NAM_STICPE Director of Projects, Mr Uroš Zver, met with Prof. Arun P. Kulshreshtha, Director of the Centre for Science and Technology of the Non-Aligned and Other Developing Countries (NAM S&T Centre) and one of the most prominent Indian scientists alive today.

The two discussed a number of possible areas of collaboration, including a joint  fellowship program for students from developing countries and an ICPE short-term training program on scientific diplomacy.

The NAM S&T Centre is the only intergovernmental organization to come out of the NAM. It brings together 44 member countries with the aim to:

· Promote the fullest possible and mutually beneficial collaboration among scientists and technologists and scientific organizations from non-aligned and other developing countries;

· Act as a clearing house of information regarding technological capabilities of individual non-aligned and other developing countries with a view to promoting scientific and technological co-operation and transfer of technology among them, and provide early information about impending technological changes and seek to develop a data bank; 

· Stimulate and promote joint R&D projects and training programmes on bilateral or multilateral basis among the members of the Centre in selected fields of special relevance;

· Prepare of state-of-the-art reports in selected fields and problems and render expert advice to the members in the choice of technology, and scientific and technological growth, including human resources development;

· Maintain a registry of scientific and technological experts of high caliber whose services could be utilized by the members of the Centre; and

· Help in the establishment of links between national and regional centres for development and transfer of technology.


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