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International Conference on Benefits and Challenges of Public-Private Partnerships for Improving Energy Efficiency Summary

Yesterday, 24 October 2012, ICPE International Conference on Benefits and Challenges of Public-Private Partnerships for Improving Energy Efficiency organized by ICPE in cooperation with Knowledge Economy Network (KEN) took place in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The conference gathered together more than 20 speakers from international organizations and bodies such as OECD, UNIDO, UNDP, the European Commission, UN Economic Commission for Europe, governments and its agencies, private companies like ROBOTINA, RRC, TALUM Izparilniki, ESPLANADA, Hidria, Intra Lighting, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, a number of institutes as TurboInštitut (Slovenia), Institute for Public Enterprises (India), Institute for Public-Private Partnership (Slovenia) and consultation companies, namely, BPMC Consultants (Slovenia) and Company Angels (Austria) as well as more than 70 participants coming from Slovenia, India, Angola, Nigeria, Turkey, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Austria, the Netherlands, the UK, Macedonia, Ukraine both government and business representatives.

The conference has deeply explored the private-public partnership concept both from the policies and concrete implementation examples viewpoint for enhancing energy accessibility and efficiency worldwide and at the same time contributing to Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and sustainable development through theoretical panel discussion, presentations of best practice cases and two discussion groups and many networking opportunities exchanging experiences from various parts of the world.

The additional contributions to Conference Recommendations are welcome while the period of next 10 days which, after adoption, will be disseminated to all speakers and participants together with the explicit conference conclusions via e-mail as well as available on the ICPE website.

Last but not least, due to enormous interest showed by speakers and participants, ICPE has decided to organise conferences and workshops on public-private partnerships in different sectors in its member states and other countries.

To watch conference video report, please click here.




(From left) dr. Boris Cizelj, KEN Chairman, Mr Janez Podobnik, ICPE Acting Director General, Mr Karim Dahou, Lead manager at OECD



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