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ICPE - influencing efficiency for sustainable tommorrow



ICPE is an intergovernmental organization with headquarters in Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU. The Center was established on a UN initiative and seconded by the Non Aligned Movement, and traces its origins to 1976 when over 25 founding member states signed the ICPE Statute at the ICPE inaugural conference. Throughout its history the Centre has been a platform that provides services to over 60 countries. Today the ICPE is comprised of 14 Member States.

The ICPE’s mission is to facilitate its Member States in pursuing a sustainable future and promoting efficient delivery of public services through international cooperation and transfer of knowledge/technology. 


The role of the ICPE in the changed circumstances is directed not only to build the capacity of the public sector in the Member States, but also to promote technology achievements and expertise of Member States in addressing pertaining issues on the basis of international cooperation. ICPE associates its revitalized activities with high level partners in the European Union, OECD and international organizations (ITU, UNCTAD, UNIDO, WTO) and the programs aim to reflect relevant services and solutions to the needs and demands expressed by Member States.


The Center strives to provide a platform and create favorable conditions for governmental institutions to improve their socio-economic development by providing relevance and added value through its capacity building programs, implementation of intergovernmental agreements and tailor made projects, designed for particular interest of a Member State.



The programme revitalization of the Center in order to achieve suitable support and applicability is conceived on the basis of active involvement of various stakeholders in the ICPE ecosystem on local, regional and international level, including academia, business, civil society and government authorities. The focus of the goal-oriented programs is to actively acquire knowledge to solve specific problems that officials and civil servants face in their work. The new programmes of the Center are based on close cooperation with scientific research and educational institutions as well as with the business community in its Member States.

The backbone of activities is covering a wide array of topics, such as challenges in International Trade and Public Finance, Innovation in Public Sector, eGovernance for effective Public Administration, Global Cybersecurity and Risk Management, Telecommunications & ICT Technologies for Digital Transformation, Enhancing the Women/Youth Economic Empowerment, Promotion of Sustainable Development, Crisis Management in Health Sector, Solutions on Systemic Corruption and Improving Transparency, and Impact of Artificial Intelligence and Space Technologies on Development. 






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