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International Conference UN Agencies connecting with Academics and the Civil Society, 11 - 13, 2012 in Vienna

Mr Janez Podobnik, Advisor to ICPE DG dr. Štefan Bogdan Šalej, attended The International conference, which was organized by Academic Council on the United Nations System – ACUNS, in cooperation with the Austrian Federal Ministry for European and International affairs. Different panel discussions took place, and most emphasis was given to discussions on »Availability of energy for all« and »Green economy and development«.


Mr Janez Podobnik (3rd from the left) at the panel discussion on International Networks

Among already listed, there was many fruitful discussions and panels on how to measure success in fighting corruption; new approaches to e-learning; the meaning of nuclear safety in global governance and others. At the same time workshops for students and young graduates on different subject fields took place. Special attention was given to the future of the concept of UN Peacekeeping.

Mr Janez Podobnik participated as a panellist in the International Networks panel. He presented the ICPE activities as well as some concrete actions that ICPE carries out and plans for this year. He emphasized short term educational workshops, which are conducted in Slovenia and other ICPE member states and are focused on the field of public administration, budgeting and financial management and especially on "Crisis Management in the Public Sector." He also presented the MBA programmes, which are conducted by ICPE in collaboration with other institutions and activities, regarding organization of International conferences and other expert meetings.

A lot of interest for ICPE activities was shown from representatives of UNIDO, some educational institutions, Institute for World Economics of the Hungarian Academy of Science-Corvinus University/ and especially from the Conference organizers in ACUNS and their representative, dr. Michael Platzer.

Participation at the conference confirmed that intensifying contacts with different international institutions in Vienna is the right path for ICPE. This goes especially for UNCTAD and some other institutions that work in the framework of United Nations. There is a good possibility that one of the results of these activities may be in gaining new member states for ICPE.

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