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ICPE visit to Havana, Cuba, January 2012

The Republic of Cuba was one of the founding member states of ICPE. It was very active from the beginning and although their participation was discontinued in 1990, it maintained friendly but not active relationship with ICPE. The recent economic development changes in the Cuban policies represent Cuba as an interesting partner for all Member states of ICPE. For the purpose of the reactivation ICPE activities with this caribbean country, Director General Dr Štefan Bogdan Šalej of ICPE visited Havana in the end of January.

The most important contacts were at the Chamber of Commerce of Cuba with Secretary General Lic. Omar Fernández Jiménezand and Mrs. Rosa Baez, International Relations Division. The Chamber of Commerce is in charge of the improvement of their membership productivity and efficiency. ICPE offered a scope of joint projects for the purpose of reaching Chamber and Cuban PSE objectives.


Secretary General of Chamber of Commerce Lic. Omar Fernández Jiménez and ICPE DG Dr Štefan Bogdan Šalej

At the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the discussion was about the possibility of reintegration of Cuba as a Member State and future programs in Cuba held by ICPE. The discussion was conducted with HE Mr Abelardo Moreno, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, HE Mr Rodriguez Perdomo, Director for European Bilateral Affairs and HE Mrs Norma Goicochea, Head of the Multilateral Affairs. The conversation was very friendly as well efficient and lead to appropriate analysis of the future Cuban participation in the ICPE.


(From left) HE Mr Rodriguez Perdomo, HE Mr Abelardo Moreno and DG Dr Štefan Bogdan Šalej


(From left) HE Mr Rodriguez Perdomo, HE Mrs Norma Goicochea and DG Dr Štefan Bogdan Šalej



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