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International Training Programme on e-Governance, 23 – 27 September 2013 ICPE, Ljubljana

ICPE is organising and conducting a one-week international training programme on e-governance for the National Institute for Smart Government (NISG, Hyderabad, India). The programme is prepared with the support of the Government of Slovenia for 25 participants, officials of the Government of India who deal with e-governing in diverse fields. The participants will be accompanied by the NISG Associate Vice President, Dr Piyush Gupta.


The training programme on e-Governance provides the participants with the latest trends and developments from the region. They are acquainted with the Slovenian and EU governance experience and approaches to e-Governance (policies, trends). The learning process is focused on presentation of best practice cases from government institutions and other organisations, which are part of the e-Governance system, be it in the developmental or implementation part. The participants are introduced to the regional experiences in e-Governance from the practitioners themselves and get closely acquainted with the successful approaches. They also get an opportunity to learn from the challenges posed in the process of e-Governing. The visits and meetings are organised in an interactive manner, where the participants are encouraged to participate actively, present their own experiences, or challenge the issues presented. Enough time is left also for Q&A, where any remaining issues can be resolved or clarified.


The one-week programme provides participants with the necessary knowledge to develop, implement and manage e-Governance projects more successfully in their working and living environment. At the same time, the participants get a sense of the local social and cultural milieu, enabling them to understand the specific context for a development of good governance practices, corresponding to the actual needs of the diverse and always complex social environments. The training programme is designed in a way to encourage the participants to “think out of the box”, as well as to adapt and redesign the presented e-Governance solutions according to the specific needs of the Government of India.


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