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ICPE organizes a Short Term Training Program for NISG Officials

The International Training Program on e-Governance for the officials of the Government of India and the National Institute of Smart Government (NISG), Hyderabad, India is taking place in Ljubljana between the 2nd and 6th of June 2014.

One-week international training program is organized by ICPE in cooperation with Ministries of the Republic of Slovenia, as well as certain organizations and companies. It is attended by 48 participants, officials of the Government of India, who deal with e-Governing in diverse fields. The participants are accompanied by two group coordinators, Ms Vashima Shubha and Mr Veerraju Naidu, which gave a brief introduction of e-Government in India at today’s welcome reception at ICPE. On behalf of ICPE’s Director General, Mr Janez Podobnik, the participants of the training program were welcomed by Mr Tomaž Rogelj, Executive Manager of ICPE, who also gave a brief presentation of ICPE. A welcome address was also given by Mr Robert Shetkintong, Counsellor of the Indian Embassy in Slovenia, followed by Ms Jožica Skube, ICPE Program Coordinator. The welcome reception was followed by lectures and presentations, given by Slovenian experts in the field of e-Governance.

During this week, the participants of the training program will be acquainted with the Slovenian, as well as European experiences and approaches to e-Governance. The latest trends and developments of the e-Governance system in this region, as well as best practice cases of institutions and other organizations will also be presented. This training program is organized in an interactive manner, encouraging active participation by presenting own experiences and challenging the issues addressed.

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Mr. Tomaž Rogelj, ICPE Executive Manager


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Mr. Robert Shetkintong, Counsellor, Embassy of India in Ljubljana


Mr. Veerraju Naidu, National Institute for Smart Government


Dr. Vashima Shubha, Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY)

ICPE appreciates very much, and thanks all its partners, for their cooperation and help at organizing this event.


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