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In Memoriam Dr. Ziga Vodusek, ICPE Director between 1975-1987

On 23 July 2014 the present and former staff of the International Center for Promotion of Enterprises (ICPE) med during a commemorative meeting in the memory of Dr. Žiga Vodušek (7 September 1913 - 28 June 2014), the long-term director of ICPE from 1975 until 1987. The participants at the meeting were honored to welcome at the meeting the son of the former ICPE Director, Dr. Žiga Vodušek Jr.

ICPE Acting Director General Janez Podobnik welcomed all the participants at the meeting and underlined the important role that Dr. Vodušek has played in the establishment and especially the first steps of ICPE as an intergovernmental organization.

ICPE Council Honorary President Academician Dr. Anton Vratuša underlined the way in which Dr. Vodušek excellently contributed to transform the newly founded Center for Public Enterprises in Developing Countries (later on renamed as ICPE) from an unknown organization into an widely internationally recognized research, education and consulting organization in the field of public enterprises with his long experience as diplomat and law professional, equipped with professional knowledge and practical experience in the building of the Yugoslav and Slovenian society as well as in international politics. The creative power, outstanding management abilities, perseverance, and precision will always be remembered by all those who had the chance to collaborate with Dr. Žiga Vodušek.

Dr. Žiga Vodušek Jr. stressed the need to focus today on the new conditions in the international arena, particularly globalization, the public-private partnership principle and the improvement of the cooperation between states and enterprises in the process of redesigning ICPE's programs and activities to adequately fulfill  the requirements of the new world order.

Spominska slovesnost dr. Voduek vsi

(From left) Mr. Janez Podobnik, Dr. Žiga Vodušek Jr. and Dr. Anton Vratuša

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