Focus on Global Development through Education and Training Partnerships

The aim of the Centre is to provide a platform and create favorable conditions for governmental institutions to improve their socio-economic development by providing relevant and customized capacity building programs, solutions and assistance in implementation of intergovernmental agreements, and tailor-made projects, designed for particular interests of a Member State. ICPE is exporting knowledge and fostering technology transfer from and to participating countries.

In the dynamic landscape of international rules and regulations, the International Center for Promotion of Enterprise (ICPE) is dedicated to enhancing the capabilities of the public sector within our Member States. Our mission is to ensure that national authorities are equipped to respond effectively and promptly to evolving global standards. We proudly showcase the achievements and expertise of our Member States in tackling pertinent issues.

At the heart of our approach lies the commitment to practical learning. Our programs are meticulously designed to impart actionable knowledge, addressing the real-world challenges faced by officials and civil servants in their professional roles. Central to the ICPE’s strategy is the cultivation of robust partnerships with academic and research institutions in the host country, as well as with key stakeholders across other Member States.

Our approach prioritizes practical education and collaboration. We design our programs to directly address the challenges faced by officials and civil servants. By partnering with academic and research institutions in the host country and engaging with key entities across other Member States, we ensure our offerings are relevant and effective. This collaboration, which includes valuable input from partners within the European Union, helps us tailor our programs to the specific needs identified by Member States. This focus on cooperation and practical solutions is at the core of ICPE’s commitment to public sector advancement.


The International Center for Promotion of Enterprises (ICPE) boasts a rich tradition of offering specialized training for government officials, policymakers, and public sector enterprise (PSE) managers from its Member States.


The ICPE is committed to aiding its member states in the diligent implementation of international agreements. This involves providing comprehensive technical assistance, detailed guidance, and robust support in the development and adaptation of domestic legislative and policy frameworks.


At ICPE, our mission extends beyond just addressing the immediate needs of our Member States. We aim to offer tailored programs that are not only responsive but also proactive in promoting economic development and cooperation. 

About ICPE

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ICPE’s esteemed history in international development and fostering global economic relations is a testament to its efforts in narrowing the developmental gap between Western countries and other regions, establishing it as a significant entity in the global arena. This resilience and adaptability, particularly evident during the critical transition of nations from the former Yugoslavia, is a result of the unwavering support from key member states. The founding member India, along with regional member Bosnia and Herzegovina and the host country Slovenia, have been instrumental in strengthening ICPE’s position as a vanguard in public sector development and international cooperation. Their collective support underscores ICPE’s dedication to advancing public sector excellence worldwide, reinforcing its impact in policy development and fostering intergovernmental collaboration.

Member States

Membership in the Center is open to all States. Membership becomes effective as soon as the applicant has deposited its instrument of ratification or acceptance of membership. ICPE currently has 14 Member States from Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America.