Programme Activities

In the first ten years of its operation, the Center has expanded its activities to the fields of financial management, transport, agriculture, forest management and has been particularly active in regards to the role of the public sector in developing countries, women as a factor in development, technology transfer and research in the form of publishing a journal, research papers and conference proceedings.

By the end of the 1980s and especially in the early 1990s the global shift in the paradigm and changes in Member States’ key foreign policies have caused ICPE to fall into a conceptual crisis. In response to these challenges, the Center strategically refocused its activities. Programs and initiatives were streamlined, with an emphasis on short-term trainings and long-term postgraduate studies, specifically the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program tailored for public officials, constituting the fundamental pillars of the Center’s core services.

The role of the ICPE in the changed circumstances aims not only to build the capacity of the public sector in the Member States, but also to promote technology achievements and expertise of (and between) Member States in addressing pertaining issues on the basis of international cooperation. ICPE associates its revitalized activities with high-level partners in its Member States, supranational and international organizations, and its programs aim to reflect relevant services and solutions to the needs and demands expressed by Member States.

Revitalization of Programme Activities

The programme revitalization of the Center in order to achieve suitable support and applicability is conceived on the basis of active involvement of various stakeholders in the ICPE ecosystem on local, regional and international level, including academia, business, civil society and government authorities.

The recently established international Pool of Experts is providing guidance to the ICPE leadership in implementation and evaluation of projects. The aim of the goal-oriented projects is to actively acquire knowledge to solve specific problems that public officials and civil servants face in their work. The new programmes of the Center are based on close cooperation with scientific research and educational institutions as well as with the business community in its Member States.


The International Center for Promotion of Enterprises (ICPE) boasts a rich tradition of offering specialized training for government officials, policymakers, and public sector enterprise (PSE) managers from its Member States.


The ICPE is committed to aiding its member states in the diligent implementation of international agreements. This involves providing comprehensive technical assistance, detailed guidance, and robust support in the development and adaptation of domestic legislative and policy frameworks.


At ICPE, our mission extends beyond just addressing the immediate needs of our Member States. We aim to offer tailored programs that are not only responsive but also proactive in promoting economic development and cooperation.