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Yogic Science for Human Resource Management in Public Enterprises


Naresh C Saxena
Independent researcher, Canada
Received November 2021; Revised November 2021; Accepted December 2021


Human resources management is the process of managing people in a structured manner to help the organisation to meet its objectives. In public enterprises the objectives are multifarious and sometimes opaque; and hence human resources management is more complex. An increase in occupational stress which has an adverse effect not only on the health and wellbeing of the individual but also on the health of the organisation. In the frenetic world of today where management principles are being turned on their heads there are some principles and precepts which are constant and which can help in the development of human resources in such a way that the health of the organisation and the health of the individual is safeguarded. In this paper we will see how the techniques and practices of Yoga – a time-tested oriental science – may be helpful in the public enterprises by reducing the stress level of the employees and increasing their greedlessness and public spiritedness.


Yoga, Occupational health, Public enterprises, Stress, Human Resource Development

Reference to this paper should be made as follows: Saxena, N. C. (2021). Yogic Science for Human Resource Management in Public Enterprises. Public Enterprise, 25(1-2), 27-38.