The International Center for Promotion of Enterprises (ICPE) has released the 27th volume of the journal Public Enterprise. This edition encapsulates the dynamic and diverse nature of public enterprise management, bridging traditional methodologies with the demands of the modern world. As the journal moves forward, it aims to inspire new conversations and further research, contributing […]

Our Vision

To serve as a cornerstone for efficient public sector development, fostering sustainable entrepreneurship, and driving knowledge-based societal progress through training, research and advisory services. We aspire to be a key ally in streamlining public sector management by engaging with diverse stakeholders for greater efficiency and impact.

Our Mission

To actively engage in the enhancement of public sector development by promoting south-south cooperation and international collaboration. Our focus is on facilitating the exchange of technology, nurturing sustainable entrepreneurial ventures, and catalyzing societal advancement through knowledge-driven research, education, and advisory services. We are committed to being a pivotal collaborator in refining public enterprise management, ensuring […]