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For the last two years, ICPE has been providing training to Indian officials in eGovernance and has developed unique skills and competencies in this field. The programme is now been extended to provide an overview of the best practices in the field of e-Governance in those European Union countries which rank high in various fields of e-Governance, eParticipation levels and eDemocracy, both from the viewpoint of services and infrastructure, as well as the human index. The training programmes will provide direct access to officials of European Commission in Brussels, national governments and regional governments as also research institutions working in eGovernance projects. The training will also include the principles, methodology and operationalisation of digital single market. The end result is likely to be the adoption of leading-edge digital tools and applications so as to streamline government working practices and improving productivity while saving operational and management costs contributing to public service modernisation. Countries like India where IT sector is quite advanced but eGovernance has not reached the entire population will be well placed to take advantage of this cooperation between EU and ICPE.