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On Wednesday, 22 May 2019 Ambassador Andrej Logar, ICPE Interim Administrator has visited HE Ambassador Param Jit Mann at the Embassy of India to discuss the first steps towards bringing the ICPE on a path of long-term sustainability. Ambassador Logar informed HE Ambassador Param Jit Mann that the Republic of Slovenia will settle its obligations towards the Center and ICPE is expecting other Member States, including the founding Member State India to do the same as the financial consolidation is the precondition for the Center to rejuvenate. Ambassador Logar also presented his plan for the immediate action concerning the new conceptualization of ICPE’s vision and mission to become more attractive for the Member States and their needs and requirements. Ambassador Logar briefed Ambassador Mann on establishing a strategic forum of experts that will draw the new roadmap fort he Center’s activities. Both Ambassadors agreed that ICPE should build on its remarkable legacy in becoming a think-thank that will provide innovative programme on the basis of initiatives, such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2030. Ambassador Logar also announced his visit to India to meet the decision-makers in New Delhi to present his vision for the Center’s revitalization as well as requested the Ambassador Mann to provide further guidance in preparations for the visit. Ambassador Mann confirmed his support to ICPE and expressed his wish that the actions undertaken by Ambassador Logar will fructify and put the Center on the path of its former glory.