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ICPE Meeting with the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of Slovenia

The International Center for Promotion of Enterprises (ICPE) and the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of Slovenia convened on Friday, 26 January 2024, to discuss the upcoming activities of the ICPE. Mr. David Tavželj, Executive Manager of ICPE, engaged in discussions with Dr Slobodan Šešum, Director General of the Directorate for Economic and Public Diplomacy, and other esteemed colleagues at the Ministry.

A key focus of the meeting was the preparation for ICPE’s landmark 50th Anniversary and the strategic initiatives planned for 2024. Mr. Tavželj highlighted the Center’s recent efforts in renewing cooperation with ICPE Member States and its active participation in the Slovenia-India Day of Science and Innovation. These initiatives underscore a deepened commitment to fostering international economic development and promoting scientific exchange. The dialogue culminated with both parties expressing optimistic outlooks for the future. The shared positivity reflects a forward-thinking approach, fostering a climate conducive to progressive international cooperation.