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ICPE participated at the first Slovenia-India Day of Science and Innovation

In a pilot project, aimed at fostering deeper scientific cooperation between Slovenia and India, the Slovenian Science Foundation, supported by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, the Embassy of India in Ljubljana, the Jožef Stefan Institute, and various high-tech companies, organized the first Slovenian-Indian Day of Science and Innovations on February 6, 2024, at the Jožef Stefan Institute.

The day was dedicated to sharing and promoting a mutual understanding of Slovenian and Indian approaches to science, research, and technological innovation. By showcasing notable achievements and encouraging the discussion of potential innovations, the event underscored the importance of scientific collaboration in addressing contemporary challenges.

The event presented a unique opportunity for students and experts from both nations to exchange ideas, with a particular focus on natural sciences, engineering, and biotechnology, featuring presentations of inventions and successful innovations from Slovenian and Indian researchers.

The International Center for Promotion of Enterprises actively participated at the event with a workshop proposal for postgraduate students from Slovenia and India. The workshop, crafted with a forward-thinking vision, will cover a spectrum of contemporary and impactful topics including Ethical AI, focusing on the development of AI with ethical considerations and inclusivity; Green Technologies and Renewable Energy, aiming for sustainability and climate change solutions; Smart Agriculture for enhancing food security; Digital Health Innovations to improve global health equity; and Fintech Solutions to promote financial inclusion. By focusing on practical strategies for innovation, from design thinking principles to analyzing real-world case studies, the sessions will foster an environment of user-centricity, collaborative problem-solving, and adaptability. ICPE will invite the organizers of the first Slovenian-Indian Day of Science and Innovations to engage in a collaborative effort to make the workshop a success.

For more information about the first Slovenian-Indian Day of Science and Innovations please download the press statement.